Monday, November 7, 2011

so many books, so little time

This year, I've been making a point to set aside time to read things that I want to read. It has been such a relaxing way to unwind at night or wake up on the weekends. This is the current stack of books I'm working through.

I actually finished Thirteen Reasons Why
in less than a day when I was back home visiting my family recently. It was a gripping story about a teenage girl choosing to end her life, but in the end, it leaves you with the message that you never know how much the smallest actions affect others. In this book, Jay Asher defines the way we interact with each other. Definitely one of my favorite books, hands down.

I'm reading The Tipping Point as part of an assignment that I created for the Marketing Team I advise. The Marketing Team plans events and performs basic marketing functions for a campus organization here. I inherited the role of supervising the team when I claimed my role as a Junior intern for the organization. Now, as a Senior Intern, I've really tried to take ownership of my role as an adviser/mentor/supervisor/manager. One of the ideas I've implemented is having a common group book that we discuss each week. In the end, the students will write a blog post for the organization's blog about one of their favorite topics that Gladwell covers in the book.

Linchpins is a book that I randomly picked up on one of my hour-and-a-half visits to Barnes and Noble. I love to just browse books, and I keep a running list of books I would like to get (once I tackle the growing stack on my bookshelf). This book jumped out at me, and that's probably because it covers exactly what I need to be focusing on right now: understanding your personal value and becoming truly indispensable. While a lot of the book is focused towards being invaluable in the workplace, most of the concepts apply to just improving your outlook on life in general. I love reading and highlighting everything in this book.

And last there is The Hunger Games. For some reason, I'm really struggling with getting into this book. I've heard so many fantastic things about it, but I'm not hooked yet. Looks like this is going to be a slower read for me.

Next in line I have a self-help book (Gretchen Rubin's The Happiness Project), a Nicholas Sparks book (which is completely necessary every now and then..), the Steve Jobs biography, a Jonathan Safran Foer novel, and a variety of others. Good thing Thanksgiving and Winter Break are quickly approaching...

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