Monday, June 20, 2011

you may be pleased, but never satisfied

In the spirit of springtime graduations, I would like to recount a touching speech given at a recent graduation ceremony. I was visiting my high school for the first time in three years to attend my younger brother's graduation ceremony. My good friends' brother, Jeff, gave a poignant salutatorian speech on the importance of resilience in times of both success and failure. He reminded his classmates that in times of good fortune, one "may be pleased, but never satisfied."

I found this quote particularly relevant to my life as I prepare for my final academic year at Virginia Tech. Looking back on my accomplishments on campus thus far, I am very pleased with my performance. I know that I have utilized each opportunity to create a memorable and meaningful college experience. While my time as an undergraduate student comes to an end, I want to commit myself to lifelong learning and exploration. I crave new experiences and value relationships.

As a step towards continuous engagement and analytical thinking, I look to continue this blog to catalog my encounters with marketing, branding, and advertising in my daily life. I am fascinated by the marketing world and the art of branding, and I aspire to become an account planner for an advertising firm. Until then, I will be pleased, but not satisfied.

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